Radio, Print and Blog Appearances

(Not a complete list, but constantly being compiled! Thanks for checking it out.)


RadioWest KUER 90.1- Review of Local Up and Coming Bands (with Austen Diamond of Salt Lake City Weekly) and performance by L'anarchiste   (mentions of The New Electric Sound, The Blue Aces and Book on Tape Worm)

RadioWest KUER 90.1 - the Future of Desert Noises (interview and performances from the band)

RadioActive KRCL 90.9 - The changing face of the Independent Music Scene (Conclusion of 'Loud and Clear Week') with Nate Krenkel of Team Love (label with partner Conor Oberst)

RadioActive KRCL 90.9 - Provo's Music Scene in the Spotlight, with performances from Isaac Russell and Fictionist. 

Square Native: Profile
The Provo Daily Herald: Eyes Lips Eyes
The Provo Daily Herald: Isaac Russell & Fictionist
Salt Lake City Weekly:  Shark Speed Calls it Quits...for now.
The Provo Daily Herald: Gypsy Cab
Salt Lake City Weekly: Battle of the Bands 2010
The Provo Daily Herald: Velour's 5th Anniversary

The Music Lounge - Interview with The Moth & The Flame
The Music Lounge - Interview with Mindy Gledhill

21st & Ivy: Spencer Russell Interview
21st & Ivy: Stuart Maxfield (Fictionist) Interview
21st & Ivy: Jarrett Burns Interview
21st & Ivy: Colton Soelbert & Joseph McRae of the Heirloom Group (Communal, Pizzeria 712, etc.)
21st & Ivy: Parlor Hawk Interview
21st & Ivy: Katie Brandeburg Interview
21st & Ivy: Rob Bennion Interview

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