something quick and quiet to say

Today was the third anniversary of a very sad time for my family.

I spent some time this morning reflecting on the situation, and for the first time I wasn't filled with sad, haunting thoughts.  

Instead I was filled with a power I rarely feel within myself, a confidence I hardly recognize, and a level of inspiration I would trade many things to be in the company of on a more regular basis.  

We lost a member of our family in a tragic and confusing manner, and usually this is what dominates my memories of him.

But today I remembered what I was thinking the morning before I found out of his passing:  that he was the only one who ever truly encouraged me, and I am grateful for it. 

He was a quiet person, didn't say much.  But he could be so funny, and drew the best comics I have ever seen to this day.  He put rhythm to music and created the fine instruments that same music was made from.  Although I didn't know it then, I do now: 

He was an artist.  And he knew I could be, too.  

Sometimes it only takes a single person to change how we look at ourselves.  I only hope I can remember to see myself this way, every day.  

Photo borrowed from Ben Jones' page


  1. yes, beautiful. sorry to hear of the heartache, but happy to hear of what has been seen through it. x

  2. So beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing.