just for fun: two-weeks of dresses! join us?

I'm always complaining about not having enough summer clothes (or complaining about the ones I do have). 

But somehow I continue to ignore the fact that I own over 20 dresses.  TWENTY.  And I may have fudged that number a bit.  It could possibly be more.   

I wear them more often during the winter, but with the exception of Sundays I tend to forget to use them as a part of my wardrobe during these warmer months.  Cut-off shorts and band tee's are so much more convenient!   

Sometimes I'm deterred by a dress needing some sort of a simple alteration, or I don't have the right belt, or  the right shoes...or  they are all made from polyester and I don't want to die from heat exhaustion. Just about every excuse humanly possible has passed through my mind in order to avoid wearing these beautiful clothes.   

BUT NO MORE! I'm taking a stand...against myself.   And inviting you to do it with me!

Starting Monday August 13th, Beccy Bingham and I will be doing "TWO WEEKS OF DRESSES (or skirts)"-- she has already come up with some pretty cool outfits I am excited for you to see.  

(this is Beccy, in case you didn't already know)

You can follow us on Instagram using the hashtag "#twoweeksofdresses" and join us by using the same hashtag on your photos!  Blog about it if you want, do some Facebook posting whatever you please-- but I would love to see it!  Just leave me a comment below if you are interested in participating so I can follow you.

Slight disclaimer:  I don't spend all day in "real clothes".  In fact, I tend to spend most of my days in gym clothes...I don't have any expectations for everyone to be spending all day in a dress.  I would probably give up on this project pretty quickly if I was in a dress for 18 hours straight.   So if you see me around town in a dress, don't give me any applause.  It's probably just a 4-hour stint.  

I am looking forward to challenging myself to re-style and re-purpose some of my clothes, and excited to see what everyone else is doing!  



  1. I'm in! I've got too many dresses that never get worn.

  2. Fun idea! I'd be in...but I own 1 skirt :/

  3. Topsy shared the word about your two weeks of dresses - genius! I'm living out of a suitcase but I realized I have at least two weeks worth of dresses and skirts which made me feel bad for thinking I had no clothes...