Downtown Dance Walk and a Week in Review

Hello, friends!

It's been a nutty week.  Really great in many ways and a little sad in others.

Let's start with today and work ourselves backwards...

DOWNTOWN DANCE WALK:  Many of you have been asking about the Dance Walk that usually happens on First Fridays.  After a few semi-sleepless nights I decided to cancel the one for this month, on account of James Christensen (remember the "Spiderman" proposal?) getting married to his bride, Shailee, today.  I simply won't have time to enjoy both events, and sometimes family comes first.   But it is surely on for next month!  Same song, next verse, see you at the Provo Historic Courthouse on September 7th!

(FREE) ROOFTOP CONCERT SERIES:  I will be making it back to Provo in time to live-tweet (follow @rooftopconcerts) this epic show!  Isaac Russell (full-band), Book on Tape Worm and John Allred.  Velour (aka Corey Fox) is a sponsor of this series, so you know it has our stamp of approval.  The first set starts at 7:30 pm, but the gates open at 6PM for you to place your blankets for some cozy seating and run to get delicious food from one of the many (very) fine food vendors in the alley.  Here is more info for you!

Now this is a sad one...STOLEN BICYCLE:  On Sunday night I took a quick cruise on my bike to go visit some girlfriends, and returned home at about 1AM, parking my bike on the somewhat-private back porch of my house (alongside several other mountain bikes belonging to my housemates).  On Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM I headed to the porch to retrieve my bike and ride it to my office in Downtown Provo.

My bike was gone.  I contacted all my roommates that could have kind of maybe borrowed it-- but no one had.  I have been riding that bike for six years, and ever since I sold my car 3.5 years ago to live car-free, it's been my only constant mode of transportation.   Not only am I a little angry someone has stolen it, but I am very, very sad.   I really love that bicycle!  And I am mostly angry I didn't yet build the bike rack for my house to lock all of our bikes on to this summer...

There have been a lot of bike thefts this year, and mine is just one of many.  But if you happen to come across it in your quest to buy a bike, or you see someone riding it around town...be sneaky, contact me and I will find a way to get it back.  There has been an outpouring of re-tweets and re-posts of the photos and I am so grateful for it all!  I haven't given up hope it might make it's way back into my hands someday soon.

Ok. Enough about the sad things.

(super hip) LITTLE BOYS CLOTHES GIVEAWAY:  I do a lot of things I enjoy, but I don't take great pride in many things.   However, on Monday I posted about a local designer who is producing cool, cool clothing (he already has a stellar little boys line, AVEN Clothing and some menswear in the works)-- I am incredibly proud of his work, and my photos of him as well.  Please take a second to check out the post and enter the giveaways (one is via Instagram!) for a few $50 giftcards to AVEN Clothing-- the deadline to enter is this upcoming Monday.

(photo courtesy of AVEN Clothing)

Have a great Utah weekend! 

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