Spring into Summer + A New Video from The New Electric Sound

Being in Provo during the spring and summer is like vacationing every day.  I may be the only who feels this way, but it seems the breezes start to blow a little warmer, the sunlight lasts longer, food tastes better...

One of my favorite pastimes includes enjoying the sunsets and sunrises. Here are a few photos from a quick trip to Utah Lake with  girlfriends at sunset:

(not at the lake, but my front yard sure is pretty in the spring!)

I've been talking quite a bit about The New Electric Sound these last few months-- but only because these dudes are making incredible music with great style.  Their debut album has legitimately been the soundtrack to my summer (and to anyone else who lives within a block of my house...whoops)!

The first single release off the album is "Heartbeat".  Now, listen.  IT IS DAMN GOOD.

BUT the VIDEO.  OH. MY. GOSH.  Snaps to Derek Pueblo (well-known for other film work, this is his first music video) on his directorship here.  Released just earlier this evening, here is the OFFICIAL VIDEO FOR "HEARTBEAT" by The New Electric Sound

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  1. Seriously, the video gives me chills. Brilliant work.