A Giveaway Exclusively for Dudes and...On The Watch List: THE NEW ELECTRIC SOUND

It's been a few weeks of summer weather already and I ain't mad about it. Even though the upstairs of my old Provo home is at least 110 degrees on any given afternoon, I live for these dry and beautiful Utah summers.

Summertime calls for new music, new swimwear and new memories! Today I can give you the first two of those three, which I hope will lead to you handlin' the third.  

Now Guyz, and I do mean you dudes---when is the last time you submitted for a giveaway on a blog?  What's that?  NEVER?!  Were you not interested in the kitchen aprons or the baby products or the stylish ladies shoes?  Of course you weren't.  And this is why today is your lucky day:  we have a pretty sharp giveaway just for the men, and I am excited about it.  More about that later.  But first...

The New Electric Sound formed towards the end of Summer 2011 and quickly became one of the staple bands in our local scene.  I added them to my Watch List right away, to wait and see what direction they would take during their early developmental months. They ended up surprising me with a fast-track rise to be one of Utah's bands with the greatest potential.  

What I have found is that although the band is relatively new, their sound and style is only partially so.  The bands name, "The New Electric Sound," perfectly evokes the elements they involve in their image and music:  stylistically The NES pulls influence from the pop and rock bands our grandparents and parents favorited, then graces over the tops of the impact those groups have had with a clean and modern vibe.  

(Scott Vance)

Scott Vance, front-man for the band, is also a graphic designer in addition to being a musician (and about a million other things). Watching the band perform and listening to the tracks on their new album has left the reminder that Scott knows packaging, and knows it well.  He has easily placed together the proper elements into The New Electric Sound to provide an entirely marketable and appreciating experience.  From the bands unified blue and white cardigans to the blend of classic rock instrumentation and well-blended melodies and harmonies, watching a show with these dudes instantly provides an aesthetic I don't want to quickly leave behind.   It seems an awesome fate this group of roommates and friends met together to create what could be the greatest beach vacation contained within an album.  

I sat down with most of the band a while ago to talk about their roots and where they are headed and one thing is clear: being from Boise or Kentucky or Utah or anywhere else doesn't say a thing about what sort of music you are capable of creating (as if I hadn't any opportunities to learn that lesson yet)-- but perhaps the diversity within the band attributes to the story-telling throughout their record.  Although opened and  ended on a lighter rock vibe, the real meat of The New Electric Sound exists in middle of the album, where a dark, broody pop exists.  

The NES has released one of these tracks for free download on their facebook page, linked here in case you missed it earlier--"Heartbeat".  Go download it, add it to your summer soundtracks and rock it until the album release next month!  

Now, for that well-suited giveaway...



(Tom, belated iPhone photo...sorry!  Not pictured: Tony The Drummer)

So, Lime Ricki has released a great line of Men's Swimwear this year and in line with this Surf'n'Beach band, I thought it fitting to do a Giveaway for an $80 giftcard to Lime Ricki Swimwear!  The catch is, only Men are eligible for this giveaway-- but, it's easy to enter!  

To qualify and enter the giveaway, here is what you need to do:
  1. LIKE these three Facebook pages--
          3. SCENE SISTER
  2. POST A COMMENT on this post with a link to your favorite Lime Ricki Swimwear Men's Product
  3. for additional entries after doing the above, POST A PHOTO of your fave product on Facebook and TAG Scene Sister & Lime Ricki in it, or TWEET a photo and mention @scenesister and @swimlimericki
You can enter anytime between now and Wednesday, May 23rd.  A winner will be contacted and announced on Thursday, May 24th.  The giftcard is usable online, or in the Lime Ricki Swimwear shop (where it is rumoured there are amazing summer tees and tanks for guys hanging out, too)

If you want my opinion, I particularly love the Nantucket Red Boardies, the Turquoise Square Cut Shorts, and these handsome Maroon & Gold Trunks

Here's to our summer together! Good luck. 


P.S.  On Wednesday I was invited to participate on an episode of Radio West (hosted by Doug Fabrizio) on KUER 90.1 to discuss some of the emerging artists and bands in Utah...Although it was just a clip, The New Electric Sound had their first radio play! Listen to the broadcast of Radio West's Local Music Series at this streaming link: http://radiowest.kuer.org/post/lanarchiste

The winner of this giveaway is Austin Craig!  Thanks to everyone who submitted-- Austin says:

"WOOHOO!!! Rock on! I know a lot of guys were commenting that their wife put them up to entering, but I think my need is greater guys. I need to *find* a wife. Maybe the suit will help. Thanks Scene Sister!"

We look forward to seeing some photos of Austin in his new getup, obviously. 


  1. my awesome wife wants me to win, so I obliged. These swimsuits are pretty rad though, so I guess I want to win too.

    I like the Nantucket red boardies, the gray boardies or the stone washed boardies

  2. http://www.limericki.com/MEN/Varsity-Block-Boardie
    These are pretty dang fly...
    NES forever!

  3. I sure could use some new swimwear! I'm a huge fan of NES, and these Gray Board Shorts.


  4. http://www.limericki.com/MEN/MAROON-AND-GOLD-TRUNK

    these are the ones harry potter would wear. now you're thinking of harry potter in a swimsuit. MAGIC

  5. Anonymous5/17/2012

    Kaneischa, you're a saint!

    -Tim Taylor

  6. Nigel Goodwin5/17/2012

    Maroon and gold all the way!

  7. Nigel Goodwin5/17/2012

    woops, forgot the link


  8. NES are awesome. Hope to see them on the rooftop this year!

  9. Who loves short shorts..... JAMES loves SHORT SHORTS! http://www.limericki.com/MEN/TURQUOISE-SQUARE-CUT

  10. My wife put me up to this too! I do need a new suit because we are going on a cruise soon and I like the red boardies. Thanks Kaneischa!

  11. Yeah.


  12. Okay, I'll bite. I'd totally dig the simple slim Gray Boardies. I need to get out a swim a lot this summer. Missed that water all winter.

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  14. Gotta be Nantucket Red. Brighter is better.


  15. These are my favorites


    Bill Beavers