Downtown Provo: First Fridays Dance Walk & The Rooftop Concert Series

Not much else makes me happier than dancing.   A good late night or afternoon dance party (with friends or without) seems to relieve the heaviest of stresses at just the right times.

When I saw this video a few weeks ago...

...I of course felt the need to do it! Ben Aaron makes it look so fun!

And as fun as it would be to strut the streets of Provo dancing along to my iPod, I thought it would be SO much more fun to share this experience with a few other people.

So tomorrow, as a part of the First Fridays events in Downtown Provo, myself and Downtown Provo Inc will be hosting the first ever FIRST FRIDAY DOWNTOWN DANCE WALK!  

Here's what you gotta do:

1) Dress to dance.  Workout clothes, costumes, a gunny sack.  You pick!  whatever you want, just come comfy!
2) Hydrate during the day.  It's gonna be hot Hot HOT!
3) Meet on the North side of the County building on the corner of Center Street and University at 6PM on Friday (across the street from Guru's, basically)
4) Bring your best moves!  Let's take this to the streets!  We will be following a route throughout Downtown Provo, dance walking it all the way!
5) Downtown Provo Inc will be making a video we can send back to Ben Aaron, and they encourage you to "Take lots of pictures and video footage before, during, and after the dance walk and send anything you come up with (professional grade or otherwise) to richelle(at)downtownprovo.org. Also, don't forget to use hashtag #provodancewalk on Instagram and Twitter."

We will provide some bottled water and the jams.  The Dance Walk will wrap-up just in time (close to 7 or before then) to grab some majorly delicious grub before the Rooftop Concert Series!  Which is great, since I am SO looking forward to it.  In fact, I will be live tweeting from @rooftopconcerts the whole night-- that is, if I don't get too wrapped up enjoying The Moth & The Flame, Desert Noises and Timmy the Teeth.

This is an incredible free, outdoor concert series hosted by C.Jane Kendrick (love you, Courtney! Thank you!) and many other familiar faces in Provo.  Please check out more info on the lineup and the MANY things you get to enjoy during this First Friday event Downtown:

Your Guide to the FREE June 1st Rooftop Concert with Desert Noises and The Moth & the Flame

Ok, you guys!  See you tomorrow??


  1. Provo! I miss your summers.

  2. This sounds so awesome. I love to dance also:) I hope you get a great turnout. I will be busy greeting and feeding the bands in the greenroom at that same time. Thanks for the shout-out to the Rooftop Concert. See you there!